Saturday, July 16, 2011

Finally weaving!

Well, the first warp that I wound to try and make this baby blanket was so bad (had so many mistakes in it) that I threw it out.  Never done that before!

Now the second warp is on the loom and I have started to actually WEAVE on my new Louet Spring.  I decided on wide stripes with navy in between.  Fifteen threads makes one repeat of the basketweave/lace pattern, so the navy stripes are fifteen threads wide.  I did not make the selvedge wider, even though I know it will draw in more.

Here is the warp ready to wind on.
It is as wide as the loom will allow, 35 inches.  I know I should have woven something narrower for my first project, but this was the item I wanted to make.

And here is Jones, enjoying the sunshine as he hopes for some stray threads to come his way.

Here the warp is lashed on to the loom.  I found that I had wound one too few threads in a couple of the colours, so I now have several things dangling off the back beam.  I already had two for the floating selvedges, and then the warp seemed looser at the selvedge edges, so I weighted all 15 threads at each end. Jones loves those dangly things.

And here it is with the hem woven with cotton sewing thread and three repeats of the pattern.  I am using cream weft to soften the effect a bit.  It is a baby blanket, after all.

Jones and Becca are telling me that it is dinner time, so I had better go.  Wish me luck with the weaving!

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  1. I really like your colours for the blanket! Bright and cheery.. and I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out now that you are under way.
    Its quite fitting to try a full width project the first time out. Like claiming all the inches as yours!

    Now about your Becca and Jones... what a pair! Cute picture of Becca in the cat bed.

    We couldn't get Calli to lie down on a home made bed and she's just lay on the carpet instead. I finally broke down and bought a fluffy flat rectangle bed at Buckerfields. After some lessons on how to lie on it to all your legs and body parts fit on it, she's lying on it every chance she gets! All her toys are heaped all around within easy reach.