Sunday, December 19, 2010

Brother and sister

Our two cats, Chloe (black) and Jones (Siamese), like most siblings don't get along all the time.  Jones likes to pick fights with Chloe, especially in the morning.  And, like Linus with the football, Chloe usually falls for his ruse  He comes to her while she is resting or sleeping and begins to wash her forehead.  She likes this, so accepts it even though it always ends the same way.  After a bit of that welcomed licking, he begins to bite her neck harder and harder until she screams and then the fight is on!

If I am in the room, I will stand close and watch Jones as he does this.  I have broken up so many fights now that he just looks up at me and walks away without biting.  So, it is unusual to see them sleeping together.  But it does happen now and then.  This is a rare moment:

Cause for celebration!

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