Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Something is interfering with my weaving!

Hi there!  I'm Rebecca, but most call me Becca for short (and I am pretty short).  You can see the legs of my person's loom behind me,  I don't think it is right that she is blaming me for keepin her from weaving.  I know how to sit right under her weaving bench.

No problem for me!  I like being under things. 
I like being on the furniture too, but the living room furniture seems to be off limits.
However, to make up for that, my person got a new cover for the futon that matches me:

Don't we look good?
But I found another soft spot.  I have lived in several houses, but I had never seen a soft spot like this before.  It is in the bathtub!

OK, I, Dawn,  should probably explain:  We had to shut the cats in their bathroom when we had some deliveries right after moving to this house.  I wanted them to feel comfortable, so put an old comforter in the tub for them.  Now I don't know what to do with it, so it has stayed in the tub.

Rebecca is staying with us right now.  She may stay with us for a long time.  It depends on the cats.  We are fostering Becca to adopt from Animal Friends Rescue Project, which is located in Pacific Grove, Calif.  If the cats accept Becca (and I can teach her not to bark at strange people and dogs), she will become our new doggie.

The siamese (Jones) is doing great with Becca.  He doesn't seem worried at all, though he is even more vocal than usual.  Chloe, however, is taking her time.  She hides under the covers (a common hiding place for both of them) all day long, not even coming out when Becca is gone.  So, we shall see...


  1. I hope that Becca works out for all of you, and I know that she will have found a great home. Just look at those ears! What a sweetie ;)

  2. What a perkie little thing Becca is! Cute little face and love those ears.

    Cats never like anything they didn't think of first, so they will adjust to each other... or not.
    Truce? maybe...

    :) Susan

  3. She's a cutie, Dawn. Hope it works out for both of you. Cats will reluctantly put up with anyone or anything when they finally figure out that pouting, hissing and whining just doesn't work. They just heave a deep sorrowful cat-sigh and give up. Mostly.