Saturday, June 4, 2011

Multnomah Falls, Oregon

I said that I would share pictures of our visit to Multnomah Falls, along the Columbia River Gorge.  I didn't realize that it would be so long before I would post again.

But, finally, here are the pictures.  This falls is right next to the Columbia Gorge Highway on the south side of the Columbia River.  They have made a very large parking area and a walkway under the road for easy access to the falls.  My guess that they were forced to do this because of all the people who just stopped by the side of the road to look at this very tall waterfall - 611 feet tall.

Only 30 minutes or so from Portland Oregon, this is a falls worth the time.  This is how you first see it from the road:

Not until you get closer do you see the bridge across the falls part way up:

It is fairly easy to walk up to that bridge.  The paths use switchbacks, so it is not very steep.

It is only when you get there that you realize that it is possible to continue walking up to another viewpoint right at the top (just to the left at the top of the falls).  We weren't sure how much farther we had to drive that day, and it appeared that you would get pretty wet crossing the bridge to continue up, so we did not go.  Now I am sorry I didn't try to go all the way up.

It was amazingly wet everywhere around the falls.  So much that not just moss grew on the tree trunks.  Ferns grew as well.
It was a beautiful sight; I am very glad we stopped.

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