Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The back yard

Bruce did a good job of keeping the front yard looking nice in my absence.  I am the designated gardener.
Your typical subdivision front yard.

However, the back yard (which had not had any help since we bought the house two years ago) is another story.  As awful as this picture is, it doesn't show the worst of the problems.

BURRS!  Everywhere!

In case you have not seen Daphne, my dog, she has long hair, a beautiful bushy tail and even tufts of fur between her toes.

Here she is napping on the futon.  We have taken the cover off to wash, but that doesn't stop her!  You can see the lovely tail.  Because of the awful state of the back yard, I have to brush the burrs out of her tail and toes every time she goes into the back yard. 

This yard is her bathroom as well as where I practice Qigong.

Here is a link to my sifu, Lee Masters, website:  In Canada, we practice outside as long as the weather permits.  Well, the weather permits here in California.  But the ambiance of the back yard leaves something to be desired.  So, I will post pictures of my progress as I work on this mess.

Today, after Qigong practice, I pulled weeds and raked up burrs with the metal rake followed by the broom rake.  Luckily Gonzales picks up garden waste because I would not want to try and compost those burrs!  Perhaps if I spend an hour a day after practice I can have a lovely bare dirt back yard. Then maybe we can bring in someone to help make it nice.  One thing at a time.

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