Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Monterey County SPCA

Today I went on a hike with other dog walkers at the Monterey County SPCA.  I was only allowed to participate because I have experience walking dogs at the Duncan SPCA on Vancouver Island.  The next training is not until Dec. 10 and I did not want to wait that long.

I chose a dog named Jill.  Her brother, Jack, also came on the walk.  It was Jill's first time out in two weeks.  She got spayed and their rules are that after spaying the dog must remain in her kennel or the visiting room (more later) for two weeks after surgery.  Here is a picture of Jill.  It is not great as she was so interested in the other dogs that I could not get her to face me.

They (SPCA) are trying out new no-pull harnesses.  They seem quite effective.  The leash is special and attached in two places: in the front under the chin and on the back between the shoulder blades.  You pull more on the one in the front if they are forging ahead.  When they are not pulling, you just use the one from the shoulders.  With it I was able to control Jill quite well, even going down a steep part of the trail.

This is quite a change from the SPCA I know and love in Duncan.  Below are some pictures of:
The new barn/farm animal center

The new spay/neuter building

The entrance to the main office

and inside the main office

They are beginning a new construction project to include a new/updated kennel area.

some of the new construction underway.

Inside the kennel area it is not too different from Duncan, just a lot bigger.  They have separate areas for small dogs and larger dogs, each with an outside run.  However they do not have any pens like Duncan to allow the dogs to run and play.  They do have several other organized "events" for the dogs on different days.  Besides the hike that I went on today, they have a day for basic obedience training and a playday (not sure how these operate; will report later).  These events are overseen by Amanda, the resident animal behaviorist. 

Apparently, in the US, there is no one organization for SPCA's.  The ASPCA is not an umbrella organization, but rather a specific shelter/organization in New York.  Each SPCA is independent and raises its own funds.  Luckily there is quite a bit of money on the greater Monterey Peninsula.

like the philosophy!

Each month, one dog and cat is featured and offered at half-price.  I am told these are usually animals that have been at the shelter for some time.

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