Sunday, November 14, 2010

It is warmer in Calfornia!

Last year when I came to Gonzales from Vancouver Island, I found rainy, chilly weather here.  This year I am having better luck.  The weather today was sunny and in the mid 70's with a slight breeze. 

I was motivated by the weather (as well as my husband who hates yard work) to mow the grass in the front yard and prune the foundation plantings in the front as well.  In exchange for me doing the yard work, hubby will wash my car twice a month.  I feel good about the deal because he is doing something I don't enjoy (washing the car) giving me something I do enjoy (having a clean car).

The back and side yards are something else all together!  They are hard dirt with a moderate sprinkling of burrs and mostly dead weeds.  The side yards also appear to be the low spots between the houses (which are very close).  Therefore they are damp in good weather and muck in wet weather.  They will be quite a challenge.

This is my first post to this new blog.  I promise more pictures in the future.  Next post will be about an old cemetary Daphne and I found in Albany, Oregon.

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