Thursday, April 7, 2011


Just a short note to let you know that I am now in California.  The last month has been difficult, but with the help of numerous people, I have made it through.  Friends are vital to our survival.  And we don't really know how important they are until things get rough.

I now have good friends in two places in the world.  I am sure some of you have learned how to keep friends even at long distances.  Share those experiences with me, will you?  These friends are keepers, for sure!

We will take possession of our new house tomorrow.  Nesting should help me to feel a sense of connection that is lacking right now.  We expect the moving van to arrive about the middle of the month and then the unpacking will begin in earnest.

As I sit at my computer (or rather a somewhat random collection of cast-off peripherals connected to my computer), my little black kitty Chloe is curled up in my lap purring.  I do think she missed me!  I sure missed her.

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  1. Its good to hear you arrived safe and sound and have had a moment to catch your breath.

    Very soon, as each household item is placed in its new permanent home, it will help to ground you. I have moved quite a few times as you know and its hard to escape that "I'm just visiting" feeling for the first few months!

    I write with a great many people all over and what I find helps is that every now and then you actually speak with them via the phone. Its somehow more personal. I have been using Skype to chat with a friend in Scotland and that is really neat too. You might want to check that out as well. Its free to download and free to use (though they do have pay options but I use the free video link only)

    Thank you so much for taking time to see me before you headed out. It was a nice time chatting together...
    Hugs, Susan