Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Trip To California

Finally, I am able to share some of the pictures I took while driving from Vancouver Island to the Monterey Peninsula.

My friend and I drove as far as Vancouver, WA and stayed the night.  The next morning, we met a young woman friend of mine at Lewis & Clark College.  After she took us on a tour of the beautiful campus, we drove to the Portland Japanese Garden, known as one of the best outside of Japan.  We had considered visiting the Rhododendron Gardens in Portland, but the blooms had not even begun by early April, so the Japanese Garden was a better choice.

This was our first view upon entering the garden.

There was a tour going to the right, so we chose to go left.

The moss was gorgous, everywhere.  Those rainy days in Portland are good for something!
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This cherry tree was just beginning to bloom:

Here is proof:

Inside the tea house, there was a display of Japanese flower arranging;

I would like to study this form, which allows the use of non-native (to Japan) materials.

Just outside the entrance to the garden was another cherry tree (I think) in full bloom, reasuring us that spring was really coming.

And, under this tree, way on the other side, a little drama was unfolding.  I was concerned, so walked over to observe (and intervene if necessary).

The little boy and girl were taken with this lovely, patient black lab.  And their parents were not paying attention.  But I was!  One never knows how much even a patient black lab can tolerate.

Just as I was about to intervene, the parents called these two away and the lab settled back down to wait for his/her owner.  Just look at that face!  "Help me, someone!"

All in all a lovely visit to Portland.  From there, we drove about 60 miles along the Columbia River Gorge.  But that is for next time.


  1. The moss really adds to the quiet elegance of the gardens. My imagination can just place me there and feel the calm.

    I'm so glad the kiddies and dog episode went so well. Very patient dog!


  2. Hey Dawn,
    Nice pictures. Looks like a beautiful place. There's a similar garden at UBC that's worth seeing too next time you're up this way again. Glad to see things are going well for you!