Friday, January 7, 2011


Boy do I wish I had a real action photo to go with this post!  But it all happened too fast.  (Never fear; all is well.)

Since we have been here, Daphne has been giving in to the urge to chase cats.  I have had to wrestle her away from yards with a cat in them.  I will have to do the same "proofing" with her that I did for the rabbits in Cobble Hill.  She is always on leash when we walk through neighborhoods, so the cats always get away.  Then I have to get Daphne calmed down again so we can continue our walk.

Well, we went walking in a new (to us) neighborhood here in Gonzales this morning.  She did see two cats in a yard before I did, but as usual, the cats ran away hissing and puffed up.

Later in the walk, Daph did what she so often does and stuck her nose in a bush (with no indication that this was any different than any other bush).  Suddenly she backed out with a yellow cat stuck to her face!  At first I thought she was biting the cat.  Quite the contrary, the cat was wrapped around her muzzle and holding on for dear life.

In the blink of an eye the cat was gone and I was giving Daph a real scolding - still reacting to the attack that I thought she had made on the cat.  She had no injuries, not even a tiny scratch.  I believe that the cat was unharmed as well.  I don't know whether this will teach her any kind of lesson:

I shouldn't chase cats; they cling like velcro to my face.
Boy!  Chasing cats is more fun than ever.
Bushes just got a lot more dangerous!  This is a really strange neighborhood.

She is now sleeping on the futon like nothing out of the ordinary happened.

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