Monday, January 3, 2011

Roadside Art

In my drives up and down the west coast, I have encountered several different examples of roadside art.  My favorite is the larger than life "giant cut-out art" of John Cerney around the Salinas Valley.  Today I took pictures of several examples.

This is one of the newest, I think.  It is on Highway 101 north of Gonzales.
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This is the only one I have seen with an animal in it.  And this one has a clear owner - Dole.

It is not easy to get good photos of these, as they are meant to be viewed from your car as you are driving by.  I pulled off to the side of the highway to get these photos.  101 is a very busy highway and the cars go well over 60 miles (100 K) per hour. 

The rest that I took photos of today are at the south end of Salinas, near the intersection of Highway 68 (which leads from Salinas to Monterey) and River Road.  Here I got a few honks and stares as I parked along the off ramp.

Isn't this guy lovely?  He is really tall, like most of them.  The fence is 5 or 6 feet tall.  I was able to pull off the road right next to him.

The background to all of the figures is the fields of the Salinas Valley. 
This one was taken from inside my car.

To learn more about John Cerney and to see him working on the figures in this last photo, visit

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