Saturday, January 15, 2011

Dogs across the border

My friend Susan asked if I could describe the process of taking a dog from/into/between the US and Canada.  She and her husband lost their lovely old boy, Connor, recently.  They are going to get a new puppy from a breeder in the US.

I rescued Daphne from a shelter in Washington State when she was about a year old.  After the woman in charge of the shelter checked me out thoroughly - references and everything - we arranged for me to pick up Daphne.  Because they are a small shelter in a small town in eastern Washington, they sometimes have volunteers take dogs over to Seattle where the dogs are more likely to get adopted.  So they arranged to have Daphne brought to Seattle for me.

I was told to meet the driver in the parking lot of a Dairy Queen outside of Seattle.  Daphne would have all of her health and vaccination records with her.  So, when a grey pickup drove into the parking lot, I went over to see if they had my dog.  She was in a crate in the back.  They gave me her papers, we opened the crate.  I put a leash on her and said "Hi Daphne; let's go for a walk!"

And that's how I met my dog.

Every time I take Daphne across the border, I bring her vet records to prove that her shots are up to date and that she is healthy.  That is a requirement, I am told.  But no officer at the border has ever asked to see them.  Still, I would be sure to have them.

Susan, as you are getting your dog from a reputable breeder, I am sure they will give you copies of your puppy's records and anything else that you might need at the border.  And you can begin your adventures with your new puppy!  Connor can watch you from doggie heaven and be glad that you are happy.

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  1. Thank you very much for sharing Dawn! It was very helpful...
    We are getting excited about the new little nipper coming. I was chatting with a friend about her new pup and she mentioned it had chewed the baseboards in the kitchen and then I recalled they do stuff like that. Oops...

    Hopefully we can side step issues like that.

    :) Susan